University Song

Posted on September 16, 2015

In 1908, the Alumnae Association offered a prize of ten dollars in gold to the person who could write the best song to represent the spirit of the school. There was no response to this call, but in 1910, Laura Weill (later, Laura Weill Cone) wrote the college song, which was first sung at her graduation that year. The lyrics particularly appealed to the school’s commitment to service. Only minor changes have been made to the lyrics since they were written in 1910.



We raise our voices; let them swell
In a chorus loud and strong;
The rolling hills send back the sound
Of our triumphant song.
For in one great unbroken band
With loyal hearts and true,
Your daughters stand, and hand in hand
Sing, college dear, to you.

Our college days run swiftly by
And all to soon we part;
But in the years that are to come
Deep-graven on each heart
Our motto “Service” will remain,
And service we will do,
And as we serve, our hearts will turn
O college dear, to you.

Dear Alma Mater, strong and great,
We never shall forget
The gratitude we owe to you –
A never-ending debt;
All honor to your name we give,
And love we pledge anew,
Unfailing loyalty we bring,
O college dear, to you.

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