Spartan Trader

Posted on July 28, 2017

Spartan Trader was a “resale store” on the UNCG campus, located in the lower level of the Spring Garden Apartments. Created by Dr. Diane Welsh of the Bryan School of Business and Economics, it opened in 2012 as an art consignment shop, offering students, faculty, staff and local artists the opportunity to sell their handmade creations on consignment for profit. Spartan Trader was entirely student operated as a “lab,” with the goal of teaching students how to run a small retail establishment. The store partnered with the Bryan School of Business and Economics to provide student employees registered for Business 450 with a three-hour internship credit for 10 hours of work every week. Employees were also comprised of students in Business 130, although, as it was an introductory class, they were only required to work five hours per week. The store was not sustainable and another business plan was sought.  In 2015, Spartan Trader transitioned to a resale store.  The following year, the store closed, having never become economically viable during its history.

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