Posted on September 04, 2015

Lake and amphitheatre, 1941
Lake and amphitheatre, 1941

A lake and an amphitheatre were designed by J. D. Spinks, an engineer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and constructed by the Works Project Administration (WPA), in 1941. The lake was approximately six feet deep in the deeper parts and two feet deep nearer the shore.

Two small creeks running through the nine-hole golf course provided the water. At the edge of the lake nearest the tennis courts, a boat house was built, affording room for eight or ten small boats. A dam was also constructed near the West Market side of the lake. It was seventy-five feet in length and held the water for the lake that covered three acres.

Eventually, neighborhood complaints and the mosquitoes brought about by stagnant water caused the lake to be drained in 1954. It was subsequently returned to a golf course.

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