Posted on September 21, 2017

Falderal, also known as the Fall Charlies, was an annual event held each fall at UNCG beginning in the late 1960’s until it transformed into homecoming in 1982. This program included musical performances, special guest appearances, sporting events, and free food. The 1979 Falderal was well documented and included a special committee to bake a 500-pound cake for everyone to enjoy during the event. Falderal transitioned to homecoming in 1982 when the events became more elaborate and incorporated larger music concerts, a parade, a soccer game, a 5k race, fireworks, an art show, crowning of the first homecoming queen, and a Founders Day dinner. Today, homecoming continues to be an annual event with many of the original activities from the first Falderal still a part of the festivities.

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