Department of Media Studies

Posted on September 12, 2019

In 1989, UNCG introduced a Radio-Television-Film major through the Department of Communication and Theater. In the following year, the major was renamed to Media Studies. In 1994, the Media Studies major was moved to the Department of Broadcasting/Cinema and Theater. In 2008, the Media Studies major became its own department. Today the Department of Media Studies focuses on the creative production and critical consumption of a range of moving-image media. The faculty is composed of award-winning artists, scholars, and practitioners who employ a broad range of instructional methodologies. It offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies.

Department Heads:

Robert Hansen (1987-1999)

John Jellicorse (1999-2006)

Roch Smith (2006-2007)

David Cook (2007-2013)

Geoffrey Baym (2013-2015)

Kimberlianne Podlas (2015- current)


Department Names:

Radio-television-film major in department of communication and theater (1989-1990)

Media studies major in Department of Communication and Theater (1990-1994)

Media studies major in Department of Broadcasting/Cinema and Theater (1994-1999)

Media studies major in Department of Broadcasting & Cinema (1999-2008)

Department of Media Studies (2008-current)

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