Curry School

Posted on September 24, 2015

Students at the Curry School in the 1940s
Students at the Curry School in the 1940s

The State Normal and Industrial School had a practice and observation school, led by Philander P. Claxton, as early as 1893. Two of the ten original students at the practice school were school president Charles Duncan McIver‘s own children. In 1898, the practice and observation school was incorporated into the Greensboro public school system. It boasted approximately 200 students at this time. In 1902, the school was moved into the first Curry Building on the school’s campus, near the corner of Walker Avenue and College Avenue. This original Curry building served as the practice and observation school until it burned in 1926. A new Curry Building on Spring Garden Street was constructed as a replacement.

Students of the Curry School could participate in a number of sports and extracurricular activities, including the debate team, drama, and music. Students of all grades contributed to the school newspaper and other publications. In 1948, an industrial arts program was added.

Beginning in 1968, the 7th through 12th grades were phased out. The school was closed permanently in 1970.


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