Consolidated University Day

Posted on September 16, 2015

Cheerleaders for UNC Chapel Hill, Woman's College, and North Carolina State at Consolidated University Day, 1951
Cheerleaders for UNC Chapel Hill, Woman’s College, and North Carolina State at Consolidated University Day, 1951

In 1931, the University of North Carolina consolidated university system was established, bringing together the state-sponsored institutions at Chapel Hill, Raleigh (then State College), and Greensboro (then the North Carolina College for Women) into a single consolidated university system, sharing a single president and board of trustees.

To promote unity among the students at the three institutions, a Consolidated University Council was created in 1948 to “act as a liaison among the three campuses and to represent the opinions, interests, and welfare of the students.” The Council was also responsible for managing special events that aimed at uniting the three student bodies.

Consolidated University Day was first held in April 1953 at the Woman’s College’s new student union building — Elliott Hall. Hundreds of UNC Chapel Hill and North Carolina State students traveled to Greensboro to a day of activities, including bowling and “other light sports,” “a spirited talent show,” and “a dance that lasted until midnight.”

The selection of a Queen of Consolidated University Day was added in September 1954, when “the girls [wore] skirts and sweaters, and [were] judged on poise as well as appearance.” The Queen, selected from a slate of five WC students, three UNC students, and two State students, was crowned at halftime of the afternoon football game between Carolina and State.

Consolidated University Day ended after 1965.

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