Posted on August 31, 2015

Dairy barn at the Friendship Township farm
Dairy barn at the Friendship Township farm, 1927

The original campus barn, or stable, was located near College Avenue and Walker Avenue. It was built to house a variety of farm animals. In 1902, it was razed and replaced with the Students’ Building.

The school’s second barn was located on the College Farm near the current location of the Quad on Walker Avenue. It was used to house various livestock, including cows. In 1913, the barn was considered too close to Woman’s Dormitory and a new barn was built near Dairy (later Aycock) Street.

The third campus barn was built near Dairy (later Aycock) Street and was part of a dairy farm that supplied milk to the campus. Second president, Julius Foust, purchased additional cows and milking machinery and for a time, the dairy produced enough milk to sell surplus milk to local dairies. The barn was demolished in 1923 when the dairy farm moved to Friendship Township.

Another barn was built on the Friendship Township location. In 1945, the dairy farm and the herd were sold at auction.

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